Sunday, 13 November 2011

Closer to the Ultrabook: New Generation Thin and Light Laptop

Portable computer or a laptop or notebook familiarly called is increasingly popular and diverse. If the first laptop design has a thick and heavy enough weight to make your back sore, laptop manufacturers are now competing to produce a product that has a cool design, thin, and lightweight.

Unfortunately, most laptops are thin and light must be compromised with performance below average. If there is a thin and light laptop but has a fairly strong performance, bandrol regular price is quite high and thinning wallets.

One of the things that become obstacles is the absence of a platform that has a balance between performance and low voltage. The need for low power consumption and cool temperatures to be one of the key factors to produce a laptop with a thin and light body. That is one thing that lies behind the birth of Ultrabook, a new category of portable devices Intel initiated. Basically, the concept of Ultrabook trying to present a computer with a slim design and lightweight, while still presenting a good performance, responsive, safe, with a long battery life, while having a relatively affordable price.

Make a thin and light laptop is quite complicated. Laptop manufacturers do not just use power-saving processor, but also have to think of other components.

To produce a device Ultrabook, manufacturers also need to think about the type of materials used for casing, battery type, the type of hard disk or SSD, keyboard, screen, and so on.

In short, all these components must have the appropriate size so that the laptop produced has a thin design, light, not heat, as well as convenient to use.

Battery life has now become one of the factors that consumers prioritized. If the first customer was satisfied with the 3-hour battery life, consumers are now demanding longer battery life.

One trick that Intel is presented with lower power consumption processors and other components. That way, the batteries that have the same capacity can last longer. To Ultrabook, battery life on average ranged between 5 to 8 hours. Long enough right?

Start-up time is faster also become an important thing right now, so does the time required when the "wake" the laptop from a standby state. Ultrabook equipped with Rapid Start technology so you only need about 2 seconds to return to use it from a standby state.

Competitors Ultrabook
Currently, there are several new products that have been Ultrabook you can buy at the market the Acer Aspire ASUS S3 and Zen Ultrabook with a price range between $ 7 million - USD 10 million.

Intel and its partners are sufficiently serious work on this platform and promises a more sophisticated features in the design of better looking and thinner.

For phase 2 in 2012, Ultrabook will use a third-generation Intel Core processor (Ivy Bridge) which will have performance and better graphics processor, and a variety of shapes and models even more.

Cool and thin notebook design with reliable performance, long battery life and relatively affordable prices is now not a dream anymore.

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