Thursday, 27 October 2011

How to Quickly Eliminate Stress in the Office

Workload, busyness or a multitude of problems at work often makes us under stress. But all that can be overcome if you know how.

Do not let the stress makes your performance decreases. There are several ways to relieve stress that is felt in the office.

This is it!

1. Inhale long
This method is the easiest way to calm down. There have been many studies that prove, took a deep breath can make blood flow and oxygen in the brain re-organized. So when a deep breath, a person will feel comfortable and relaxed feeling. Stop for a moment from work, then pull the breath for 5-10 minutes. You will feel more calm, and stress that hit will subside.

2. move
Taken up from your chair, then take a walk for a while. If possible, get out of the office building for a moment to enjoy the wind and sun. Move will help your muscles become more rigid back and relax. It also can help relieve stress.

3. laugh
Laughter can stimulate endorphins or hormones known as "happy". With a laugh, all the expenses you will feel lighter. See funny videos, read a book of humor or just joking with coworkers can be your choice.

4. Use flip-flops
It seemed simple, but with a bit of casual style, you'll feel calmer. No need to wear flip-flops from home, just replace your shoes with sandals that you've provided in the office. You'll feel more relaxed.

5. Replace the atmosphere
If possible, try asking your boss for permission to work from somewhere else. For example a cozy coffee shop. Different atmosphere will make you more open mind.

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